July shopping

I’ve wanted to get smarter with my spending habits. But arbitrary budgets and shopping fasts haven’t worked out for me. My goal is to do the thinking before I buy something, instead of second guessing my purchase later. So I’ve created a list of rules for myself:

  1. No credit card use
  2. Save money before spending money
  3. Buy vintage rather than new

The list might evolve with time, but for now it’s a simple reminder to be more aware of what I do with my money.

To hold myself accountable, I’ll be posting here what I get for my wardrobe each month. In July I bought the three items above, and I’m hoping they’ll prove to be worthwhile purchases. The bag and dress are vintage, the top is new, and everything matches my colour scheme.

Vintage florals

vintage florals

I’m in love with this vintage floral dress from Bygonefashionbyjane (Etsy). The cotton fabric is so soft and the pattern has some of my favourite colours.

Pop of colour


This Summer has been crazy hot and getting dressed is more about surviving the heat than anything else. So I’m living in my comfy jersey pieces and relying on vintage accessories to jazz it up.

Date night

date night

Date night is a great excuse to dress up, and I’m going out like this tonight. My dress actually came as a set with a blazer, but one that was too small for me. So I was happy to find this from LazyDayVintageNZ (Etsy)- it’s a perfect colour match. My amazing statement earrings are from ggdressing (Etsy).



I think polkadots are hard to get exactly right, the pattern can easily look either too cute or too kitschy. I love this dress from LazyDayVintageNZ (Etsy) however. The fit is a little oversized at the moment, but I’ll wear it like this for now and make it into a DIY project later.

New habits

I’m working on slowing down the pace of my shopping and be even more particular about what I decide to buy. I want my purchases to be something I can enjoy wearing instead of being sources of guilt and regret.

Above are some of my recent purchases, all vintage finds from Etsy stores. I’m glad I got these pieces, but there were others that I wish I hadn’t bought. So starting now in July, I’m challenging myself to establish new and better shopping habits.

Vintage blues

vintage blues

I bought this vintage dress in Tokyo a couple of years ago. It was a little too big for me then, but now it’s perfect.

I always try to play with contrast when creating an outfit. Today I’m pairing a matte dress with a glossy belt. I’m also using my well-worn sneakers as a sporty element to dress down the elegant silhouette.