September Saturday

September Saturday

I needed a transitional outfit for this sunny but chilly September afternoon. The photo below inspired me to contrast my chunky knit sweater from almostALWAYSvintage (Etsy) with a pair of lightweight trousers from Filippa K. The navy blue and mint green also mirrors the pairing of red and pink in the original look.

August shopping

The shopping I did in August was half success, half failure. Only two of the four items I bought ended up working for me. I returned a yellow romper that had just the wrong shade and had to donate a blouse that turned out to be too small. Those items were from Etsy vintage shops and only one of them had a return policy.

This pink blouse and yellow jacket are the items I’m keeping. They’re from UFF Vintage Heaven in Oslo, so I was able to try them on before buying. I guess the lesson to be learned is to be even more particular before making an online purchase. It can be so hard to tell the real colour through a screen and to know how something will fit from only a few measurements.

Feeling inspired

bow blouse

In September I’ll be recreating some of my favourite looks from Pinterest. I love my wardrobe but need some inspiration on how to put things together.

Today I went for a simple but fun combination of a colourful vintage blouse and black wide-leg jeans.

Time out

I’m giving these items a time out from my wardrobe. There are reasons why I don’t like to wear them, but also reasons that have kept me from donating them. So I’m putting them aside for a while until I can decide what to do.

Navy blue vintage dress from Tokyo: This dress is too short for my comfort, but I’m finding it hard to get rid of for sentimental reasons.

Black vintage dress from Etsy: I love the design of this dress- it’s just not loving my body shape.

Black dress from Tiger of Sweden: I really want this dress to work out for me, but it’s shorter than I’d like it to be and too snug on my stomach.

Black vintage blouse from Etsy: I’m struggling with blouses at the moment. I can’t seem to make up my mind about what kind of blouse style is my style.

Silver vintage earrings from Etsy: There’s nothing wrong with these, but I always reach for another similar pair instead. I feel like I should mix it up, but never do…

July & August DIY

VINTAGE lavender floral dress


This vintage floral dress from LazyDayVintageNZ (Etsy) was my DIY project for July and August. I decided to split it in two to get more wear out of it.

The skirt part was done in July and I finished the blouse today. I can still wear it all together as a dress or wear the pieces as separates.




Autumn weather


Since I decided to incorporate yellow into my colour scheme I’ve struggled to find the right shade for my skin tone. It’s been a hit and miss and I’ve had to give up on a couple of items. This warm pastel yellow jacket will be my reference point going forward. It’s from UFF Vintage Heaven here in Oslo.

I’ve been loving the idea of styling outerwear with a belt and went for it today. I chose a patent belt from ggdressing (Etsy) to juxtapose the sporty vibe of my jacket.

Movie night


I went to see a movie yesterday and wore a blazer to keep me warm. I’m excited for fall and feeling ready to layer up. One of my favourite ways to do this is to wear a black base and then add one coloured piece. I’m all about blazers at the moment and have a navy one on my wish list for September.