June DIY

The waistband on this dress was a little too tight for my comfort. Because the elastic band was stitched in place, I had to remove and redo one of the waist seams. Then I replaced the old elastic with a longer one. I also secured the fold on the sleeves a little better so it stays in place.

This was the first project this year where I had to use my sewing machine. I wanted my DIYs to be low effort and manageable to get me started. But now I’m back in the game and ready for bigger projects.



I’ve finally gotten used to my new routine of fixing an item from my wardrobe every month. For May I decided to change the buttons of a vintage floral dress I got from Linnida on Etsy. I wanted something a little more basic than the rhinestone ones it came with. The beautiful pattern now gets to shine on its own with the new buttons in black and gold. I think it works better, but will be keeping the original buttons for a future project.

April DIY

This month I wanted an easy DIY and decided to adjust the hem of the vintage trousers I recently bought in Amsterdam. They fit me great, but were slightly too long. I didn’t want to cut away any fabric, or overcomplicate the project. All I did was to fold the fabric inwards, pin it in place and sow it by hand.

March DIY

My last minute DIY for March is a vintage green dress with a polka dot pattern that I bought from FOXCROW on Etsy. I’ve already worn the matching belt that came with it and wanted to get the whole dress ready for spring.

As is often the case with dresses, this one fits my waist and hips but was too large on the bust. I decided to fix this problem by altering the shoulder seams. So I cut away the excess fabric from the shoulders and sewed them back together by hand. It took a little extra time because I had to adjust the back neckline in the process.

While I was at it, I reinforced the buttons as they were starting to come loose. I’m considering to shorten the dress as well. It’s quite long on my 160 cm, but I’ll try to wear it like this first to see if I can make it work.

February DIY

New habits are difficult to get used to, but that doesn’t mean one should give them up. So here is my delayed February DIY project.

My black wool trouser from Gestuz had gold zippers on the bottom slits. I prefer my clothes to be minimal in design without too much details. So I decided to take out the zippers and leave the slits open instead. I’m pleased with the result and hope I’ll get around to another project soon.

January DIY

I’ve decided to pick out one item every month that needs some attention. This way I can keep up with repairs and make sure my wardrobe stays in good shape. My first project is a floral dress from Warehouse (carnation skater). The sleeves were too long for me and the design made it difficult to just roll them up.

So I cut the bell sleeves off right above the seam lines. Then I folded the fabric twice over, pinned it down and sewed it in place by hand. It was such a quick fix and now the dress actually fits me.