Amsterdam vintage shopping

I always look in second hand stores when I’m traveling. It feels like a treasure hunt and it’s so fun to find something special to take home. When I wear these items later they remind me of the places I saw and the experiences I had on the trip.

This is what I found in Amsterdam:

VINTAGE jacket

I was instantly drawn to this amazing floral coat in a small store called Carla Palermo. I don’t think it’s possible to put this one on and have a bad day.

VINTAGE blouse

I’ve been looking for quirky vintage blouses to wear with my more minimal trousers. This one from Zipper fits into that category as well as my colour scheme.

VINTAGE leather skirt

This leather skirt is from Bij Ons vintage. I think it will look great with my muted pastel tops like the mint blouse above.

VINTAGE trouser

Zipper was the vintage store with the most interesting pieces, at least in my eyes. This trouser is so comfortable and easy to wear. The floral pattern with a sheen makes it stand out and be something more than just another black trouser.


I like to plan my outfits beforehand when I travel. It makes it easier to pack light and means I don’t have to worry about what to wear on my vacation.

This weekend I went to Amsterdam and brought with me a travel capsule inspired by the dutch flower paintings. I incorporated a floral element in every outfit and used black clothes as a base to make the coloured pieces stand out.

Below are the four outfits I wore on the trip: