I like to plan my outfits beforehand when I travel. It makes it easier to pack light and means I don’t have to worry about what to wear on my vacation.

This weekend I went to Amsterdam and brought with me a travel capsule inspired by the dutch flower paintings. I incorporated a floral element in every outfit and used black clothes as a base to make the coloured pieces stand out.

Below are the four outfits I wore on the trip:




Monday blues


I love to wear one colour from “head to toe” and navy blue is my favourite. Today I wore a college sweater from Filippa K, trousers from Gestuz and a vintage belt from Oldtonewjewels on Etsy- all in the same dark navy but with different textures. I think the contrast between the cotton, wool and patent (vinyl) leather is what makes this outfit interesting.

My silver hoops from Weekday adds another shape and the silver works with the blues.

The white sneakers from Samsøe & Samsøe are the most worn item in my wardrobe and it’s starting to show. I need to figure out how I can make those soles white again for spring.

January DIY

I’ve decided to pick out one item every month that needs some attention. This way I can keep up with repairs and make sure my wardrobe stays in good shape. My first project is a floral dress from Warehouse (carnation skater). The sleeves were too long for me and the design made it difficult to just roll them up.

So I cut the bell sleeves off right above the seam lines. Then I folded the fabric twice over, pinned it down and sewed it in place by hand. It was such a quick fix and now the dress actually fits me.


Most of my clothes are in solid colours but I love to mix them with patterned pieces. For the sake of simplicity I’ve decided to limit myself to florals and polka dots. They’re my favourites and also suit me better than more rigid patterns like checks and stripes.


I think the easiest way to wear a pattern is to match the colour of either the background or motif with another garment or accessory. This is why I try to stay within my colour scheme when I buy clothes with pattern as well. I want my closet to contain interchangeable items instead of being a random collection of singular pieces.

From my wardrobe

Weekend comfort


A little black dress from Tiger of Sweden was my starting point for this weekend outfit. Together with opaque tights and boots from Vagabond- I had an all black base to work with. My goal was to both feel confident and be comfortable.

I added a mint cardigan from By Malene Birger and a dark green belt from milkweedvintagegoods on Etsy. I love to pair two shades of the same colour in an outfit. I also like to mix vintage and modern elements to achieve an eclectic look.


My goal is to have a functional wardrobe and a style that reflects my personality. I don’t want to shop aimlessly or buy things that won’t fit into the bigger picture. What I really need is a coordinated collection of items that can be worn together in many ways.

EarringsMy earrings

I have three new year’s resolutions for my wardrobe in 2018:

1 Be creative: Learn how to wear what I already have instead of constantly adding new things. With a little inspiration from others I can test different styling ideas and find out what works for me.

2 Repair and maintain: Take care of my clothes and accessories so they last as long as possible. I plan to make it a monthly chore to fix items that are broken and alter pieces that don’t fit.

Buy second hand: My budget is limited and I can’t afford to spend too much money on new clothes. Etsy is my favourite place to look for vintage bags, belts and earrings.

Outfit inspiration


I want my wardrobe to be cohesive and my style to have a constant vibe throughout the seasons. I simply can’t afford to buy it all or bother with every trend. My colour scheme works as a guideline and gives me focus when I’m shopping.

Examples from my wardrobe

It’s also easier to create outfits when most of my clothes already go together. A balanced palette of matching and complementary shades enables me to create more outfits with fewer pieces.

Inspiration from Pinterest